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Meeting planning the EasyLife way!

EasyMeet 365 helps you:
  • Scheduling meetings

    By creating polls - let the app find the best time-slot

  • Reduce upfront communication

    No more back-and-forth emails or endless phone calls

  • Reduce timeboxing

    Blocks tentative commitments, releasing them if not selected

  • Automate processes

    Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually checking everyone's availability

  • Schedule a meeting on behalf of someone else

    How does that work wihout EasyMeet 365?

  • Increase productivity

    managing your agenda manually is time-consuming

Key Features

Create polls

Effortlessly create polls, add participants, choose timeslots, and notify them instantly. Seamlessly share and modify polls for a streamlined meeting scheduling experience

Vote for proposed time-slots

Vote for preferred time slots, seamlessly integrating choices into your calendar. The app automatically blocks tentative commitments, releasing them if not selected

Automatic calendar updates

Let the app effortlessly manage your calendar. If the poll sets a meeting time, your choice is automatically booked, with system reminders for organization.


Create a poll in the name of someone else within your organization.


Your poll is secure with us. Only invited and verified individuals can participate, ensuring accessibility through Microsoft 365 accounts or email verification. This safeguards your data and privacy.

Across Organizations

To unlock the full functionality, install the app within your Microsoft 365 tenant. However, even if you choose not to install it, you can still utilize it as a participant.