EasyLife 365 Mail, Now Available in the Microsoft Store

At EasyLife 365, we are bursting with excitement to announce the launch of our newest solution – EasyLife 365 Mail, now available in the Microsoft Store. This groundbreaking addition to our governance suite takes charge of your mail environment, ensuring it remains organized, efficient, and self-maintaining. Building upon the success of our Teams Governance module, EasyLife 365 Mail extends our expertise to cover mail resources, providing a holistic approach to Microsoft 365 resource management.

Why EasyLife 365 Mail?

In the fast-paced world of modern organizations, shared mailboxes, equipment and room mailboxes, and distribution lists are integral assets that demand streamlined management. Traditional governance tools often place the burden on IT administrators, requiring constant intervention. Recognizing the precious time and expertise of your IT team, EasyLife 365 Mail adopts a user-centric approach, empowering end-users to take charge of their assets.

How it works?

EasyLife 365 Mail seamlessly integrates into your Microsoft 365 ecosystem through dedicated Teams and Outlook apps, now conveniently available in the Microsoft Store. This allows users to manage their resources effortlessly, while administrators retain control over resource creation and life cycle management. Leveraging Microsoft APIs, our solution performs automated operations within Exchange Online on behalf of users, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Ownership Tracking and Comprehensive Lifecycle Management: From creation to usage and cleanup, EasyLife 365 Mail offers end-to-end life cycle management. This ensures continual ownership tracking, reducing the risk of resource clutter and enhancing organizational processes.

  2. Mitigating Disarray: By providing control over Microsoft 365 shared mailboxes, room mailboxes, equipment mailboxes, and distribution lists, EasyLife 365 Mail eliminates confusion and establishes a more organized communication environment.

  3. Delegated Governance Activities: A groundbreaking feature allows organizations to delegate governance activities to designated personnel. This includes access reviews, resource creation based on templates, and alignment with organizational policies.

  4. Streamlined Workflows through API and Webhooks Integration: EasyLife 365 Mail integrates seamlessly with existing systems through robust API and webhook support. This ensures governance becomes an intrinsic element of day-to-day operations, promoting collaboration and efficiency.

Experience the Future of Mail Resource Governance

EasyLife 365 Mail is more than just a governance tool; it's a paradigm shift in how organizations manage their mail resources. By putting the power in the hands of end-users and facilitating seamless integration, we are committed to making governance a natural part of your workflow. Say goodbye to clutter and confusion – say hello to EasyLife 365 Mail.

Ready to experience the future of mail resource governance? Book a personalized demo today and discover how EasyLife 365 Mail can transform the way you manage your Microsoft 365 resources. Empower your team, streamline your workflows, and take control of your mail environment.

Book Your Demo Now and step into a new era of efficiency with EasyLife 365 Mail. Your organized, self-maintaining mail environment awaits!

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