EasyLife Q1 2022 Review

That's right, the first quarter of the year is almost over 🗓️ While the world has dramatically changed again, we at the EasyLife 365 headquarters have been busy. This year we have already pushed four updates to EasyLife 365 🎉 Here's a quick summary of what is new.

Guest Account management

The preview phase is going well, and we received a lot of valuable feedback from customers and partners. Based on that feedback, we added the possibility to assign guest accounts to Teams or Groups right from the invitation process.

We have also added a setting to the cockpit that allows EasyLife admins to restrict the guest account management feature to members of a security group. This enables you to roll out the new feature to a subset of users. You can find out more about that here.

The above and many other improvements we made since December make sure that guest account management with EasyLife 365 rocks when it becomes generally available in April.

EasyLife app

We introduced action buttons in the EasyLife app with the guest account management feature. The buttons allow users to take action right in the EasyLife app without waiting for the life cycle to expire. Preview users liked this feature (a lot), and we are happy to announce that it is also available for all group-based items such as Teams, Groups, and Yammer networks.

Like with guest accounts, owners will see action buttons in the policies section of an incompliant item. The actions offered by the buttons change depending on the configuration of the item's policy. If, for example, the confirmation policy asks an owner to confirm a Team after 180 days, they can now immediately delete the Team if it is no longer required. Read more about policies for Teams and Guest Accounts.

EasyLife cockpit

The cockpit got a few improvements, too. We fixed some header alignments and improved the scrolling behavior. You can now filter items by their Id in the manage section, and we have added tooltips to the buttons to make them more accessible.

Apart from the above minor changes, we also have a new option to access data for your custom metadata fields. Before, you had to enter and maintain values for drop-down fields manually. Now, EasyLife can retrieve the values for the drop-down list from an external web service! You can read more about that in the docs

That's all for today; thanks for reading along! If you have feedback, questions, or want to schedule a demo, don't hesitate to contact us right away.

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