End User focus

With great power comes great responsibility

Do you know this proverb from the Spiderman movie? We think this should be applied to any self-service IT tool you have in your company. If end users are entitled to create new IT resources, they should also be held accountable for what is happening with this resource. If you go to the supermarket to buy something, you also take responsibility for what you buy. Buying a banana and then throwing the peel on the ground is not accepted by society and represents lousy behavior. We already teach this to our kids. But creating an IT asset does not waste the ground nor starts smelling, so people tend to forget it.

It's not because they are bad people or not well raised; we all forget there is no direct consequence. Your neighbor will not criticize you just because you did not delete or archive a team after not using it anymore. Throwing a peel of a banana on the ground in front of the supermarket might well bring some people to play or even result in a fine by the police.

What EasyLife 365 does for you is bring responsibility to where it belongs. To the end user. The person who creates a new asset, be this a Microsoft Team or something else, must take responsibility. The person can also invite co-workers to share responsibility; you can even force anyone to share ownership. Once implemented, end users will have a friend that helps them to stay clean in their collaboration environment.

  • It helps you with the creation of an asset to have a pre-defined structure
  • When you hide a Team or forget a SharePoint site, it reminds you that you did not use the resource for a certain amount of time
  • From time to time tells you that this would be an excellent moment to decide over the resource consciously
  • Having people accessing the resource should be checked periodically
  • If you do not react, EasyLife 365 does the work for you of deletion or archival. It can now be the fine, or maybe also the garbage collector that removes the dirt from the streets

All in all, with EasyLife 365, you put the responsible pay principle in place. Whosoever can create a resource should also look after it. IT will be relieved of work they cannot even do themselves, as the data owner is the end user and can only decide what should be happening with the data.

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