Make your IT's job easier

Congratulations, you rolled out Microsoft Teams last year! Now your IT department is lost in a sea of Teams, your users are finding it hard to locate information, and your security department wants to know who has access to what data. In short, it's a mess. You need a governance solution for Microsoft 365, and you needed it yesterday.

EasyLife 365 helps your IT department with all of the above and more by making Team owners responsible for their stuff. That's right; we don't make it harder for users to create new teams; actually, it was never easier. But we make sure users don't forget about their teams and the data that lives in them. Templates and policies make sure teams follow your organizations' guidelines, and periodic access review helps the owners to see who has access to data and adjust if necessary.

If a team requires attention, EasyLife 365 first notifies its owner and offers ways to fix it. Only if owners repeatedly ignore EasyLife's notifications, an escalation event is triggered. And even that does not necessarily involve IT! You can choose to archive a team if the owner does not need it anymore or follow through on the required access review.

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